Spring on Dearborn Street

Once upon a time I’d wake up, work, run, and come home. I mean, I’d eat and have a beer or two here and there but, you get the picture.

My point is, there was a time when I would … coast.

I would look up and all of a sudden it’d be winter, or summer. I’d look out and it’d be Fall.

Lately though it’s much different. My camera and I – we are out there everyday and we are looking for things. Colors, flowers, people, cars, moments.

I’m astonished at what I now see, and the best of it all is that while I capture moments I also extend them as they happen. The quickest way from A to B is a steady, straight line.

My camera and I? We like to zig and zag.

Here are a few favorites from today’s commute; all were taken with my Sony rx100m3.

Happy Monday!

Dearborn Spring Dearborn Spring Dearborn Spring Dearborn Spring Dearborn Spring Dearborn Spring


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