Delaware Building

My Sony a6000 and RX100M3 cameras travel with me most everywhere I go as I remain true to my commitment to shoot everyday.

Since I took up photography last year, I see the world – people, places, things – differently. I find my eyes gravitate toward light, movement, shadows. I make a conscious effort to shed my shooter-anxiety (I.e. am I imposing?) and think less about what to snap, and simply do it. I better recognize and succumb to “flow,” while still remaining positively critical of myself.

I’m excited to continue to grow as a photographer and visual storyteller.

I often run on the lakefront; I travel through the loop and near-downtown neighborhoods on my way to and from work. Here are some photos of Chicago’s Delaware Building taken earlier this week during my commute. They were all shot with my Sony a6000 using the f/4 18-105mm lens.

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Delaware-Building Delaware-Building

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