Why ‘360 Chicago’ is a New Favorite Place of Mine [Photo Essay]

Why ‘360 Chicago’ is a New Favorite Place of Mine [Photo Essay]


1/7 - Chicago’s downtown area is known as “The Loop.” The nickname refers to the area encircled by the elevated (‘L’) train tracks.
2/7 - Over 50 million people visit Chicago annually.
3/7 - Chicago’s nicknames include: The Windy City, the City of Big Shoulders, the Second City, and The City That Works.
4/7 - The first steel rail road in the United States was produced in 1865.
5/7 - The first televised U.S. presidential candidates’ debate was broadcast from Chicago’s CBS Studios on September 26, 1960, between John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Richard Milhous Nixon.
6/7 - The first remote control device intended to control a television was invented in Chicago in 1950.
7/7 - The Lincoln Park Zoo, one of only three major free zoos in the country, is the country’s oldest public zoo with an estimated annual attendance of three million. (photographer in photo: Dan Fletcher)

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While my visit to 360 Chicago in Chicago’s John Hancock Center last Sunday was only my second, it’s quickly become one of my favorite places to be. An observation deck located 1,000 ft. atop the Magnificent Mile, its views can only be replicated via take-off, landing or drone.

If Standing 1k Feet Above Ground Isn’t Enough …

And, while the Sears Tower (located in the Loop) has its Skydeck Ledge, the “Hancock” has TILT, “an enclosed moving platform that literally tilts you out over Michigan Avenue from the 94th Floor.”

I passed on TILT because quite frankly, standing 1k feet above ground was enough for me. I did manage to snap some photos that I’m really happy with though; the sun and shadows were just right.

Where are your favorite places?



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