We Still Wonder. Right?

Something to wonder about. As my friend told it:

I was at dinner with my parents; we were talking about an actor. My mom asks, “I wonder what (other movies he’s) been in?”

My brother says, “there’s no such thing as ‘wonder’ anymore. There’s Google.”

Wonder … no more?

Certainly there’s such a thing as “wonder.” We all have our own imagination and are capable of feeling admiration or uncertainty toward someone or something. Right?

We live, we breathe, we imagine. Socrates himself said,

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.

My friend’s brother did make a valid on-the-surface point though, per se. Maybe what he meant was, technology allows us to satisfy our wonderment much more quickly today than in the past.

I’ll leave whether that is a good or bad thing for another time.

Something to … think about.

What are your thoughts?

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