3 Uncompromising Qualities to Live Your Best Life

While compromise is necessary for happiness and success in life, uncompromising qualities and a foundation of values is paramount.

Three Uncompromising Qualities

10 years ago I became enlightened. A mentor of mine shared with me his values – his recipe for a rewarding life. And there are only three ingredients:

  1. Move with a sense of urgency
  2. Have no ego
  3. Give a shit

Reflection is Key

Whenever I reflect on past or present “failures,” both personal and professional, I ask myself,

Was I honest to each ingredient in my effort? Did I hustle? Care? Practice a sense of humility?

The answer is always “no.” Maybe I mixed one or two of the ingredients in those instances of shortcoming, but never all three.

On the contrary, when I reflect on past and present successes, I can ask myself the same question and find that yes, I was honest to all.

Perception is Reality

Life may be a challenge at times and by no means is it simple. How we approach our challenges is what really matters. Live well and remain uncompromisingly true to your values, whatever they may be.

Or, if you’re in need of a good recipe, feel free to borrow mine.

What’s your recipe?

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