A Face in the Crowd

A Face in the Crowd

It was when I was fortunate enough to be a a face in the crowd of “athletic creatives” last February that my affinity for photography came to fruition. Brought together by little more than our mutual respect for mind, body and spirit, we bonded. We sweat, we inspired one another, and we captured memories and moments in pictures that I won’t forget.

A Face in the Crowd

Before that weekend retreat I saw taking pictures as time spent poorly; an injustice to the present.

“Look at all these people with their phones, snapping photos, incapable of living in the moment,” I often thought.

Maybe it was a jealousy of what I perceived their talent or free spirit to be, or perhaps it was my naïveté that inspired my disregard for the art form.

Something Clicked

Taking pictures, for me, has been liberating.

They say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” that people can’t change. I say they’re wrong. Enlightened, and then encouraged by my new friends to tap into my creative flow, I grabbed a camera and started taking photography seriously for the first time in my life.

Over 16,000 photos later, I’ve learned to slow down, to appreciate moments. I’ve taught myself to see things differently and to be patient. I’ve trained myself to continue to be on the lookout for that face in the crowd.

a face in the crowd

Faces in the Crowd

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Kevin Joseph is a Chicago-based writer and photographer with a focus on lifestyle, urban design, and personal growth.