Compromise Comfort for Growth | Invest in Yourself

I took a run along the Chicago lakefront yesterday and thought:

“When is the last time I compromised my comfort for growth?”

And then I stopped to look around. I thought, “well, I’m out here running in the cold, aren’t I?”

It’s Never Too Late to Compromise

Not only is it “never too late,” the sooner and more often you’re willing to compromise, the better your end result will be. And the better you’ll feel.

Case in point, if I hadn’t gotten my ass off of the couch yesterday I wouldn’t have experienced this sunset at Chicago’s 31st Street Beach.


The golden glow of the golden hour


Peek-a-boo – I see you!


Where are you leaving your footprints?


When a pier appears …


What are you willing to compromise for growth? Let me know in the comments!


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