Dry Days Mac

Hip hop and R&B singer Mark Morrison said it best, “Return of the Dry Days Mac.” Okay – he never said that. What he did say was, “Return of the Mack.”

And what I say is, “welcome to Chicago, Ministry of Supply Dry Days Mac.”

How We Met

My friend Raj introduced me to Ministry of Supply late last year and had only great things to say about the brand born out of MIT in Cambridge, MA. That said, a week ago Saturday I met a friend for pizza near their (relatively) spankin’ new Chicago store at 900 N Michigan. In the market for some new gear, I took advantage of the fateful opportunity and stopped in.

Dry Days Mac 3

Ministry of Supply – Menswear Section at 900 N Michigan Shops

Inside the Store

While the space is small, it’s organized well. I was immediately drawn to the jacket rack and greeted by a friendly clerk who let me go about my business. Nothing chaps me more than a retail employee who imposes his/her opinions without an invitation!

The pant and sweater fabrics felt great; it was easy to tell that the clothing was of high quality. But those jackets!

I asked to try on the Dry Mac. I knew I was keeping my wallet closed that day, but I wanted to test the company claims and ask myself, “Is this ‘breathable’?”

Is this “high performing, comfortable apparel?”

Are these “radically engineered dress clothes?”

Yes, yes and yes. The coat is comfy and fully water-proof and had this “picky sell” hooked at first wear. I immediately referenced it against a different luxury brand water-proof rain jacket I had (and still have) hanging in my hall closet, the one that now feels heavy and stiff. This Dry Mac Jacket is light and breathable. It moves with me, vs. against me.

But alas, no impulse purchase. Practicing good willpower I thanked the clerk for his help and headed to dinner.

The Decision

I went online a few days later … ah, who am I kidding.

I went online when I got home that night and learned that I’d get 15% off my first purchase if I registered my email address. I generally pass on this kind of opportunity, but when I tried on the jacket in the store my inner Wayne did proclaim, “oh yes, she will be mine.” A few days later, without many second thoughts (even with the discount it’s a $350 jacket), I purchased it.

My Dry Days Mac Review

It arrived nicely packaged a few days later.

It’s really comfortable and it certainly stretches and breathes as the brand claims. I drive a lot; I’m in and out of the car quite a bit. Those who share a life of car-commuting know that while getting in and out of that driver’s seat the bottom of the coat has a tendency to bunch up. You either have to situate yourself in the seat just so, or unzip/unbutton the coat. With the Dry Days Mac, there’s no situating or unzipping – only sitting. Comfortably.

Dry Days Mac 2

The jacket also has a great hood. Most hoods have a tendency to blow off when it gets windy. That, or it doesn’t fit on the head properly or look nice, or all of the above.

This hood does it’s job. It’s lightweight, it keeps water out, and you can leave the umbrella in the car!

The Verdict

Obviously I’m a fan of the jacket. I also consider myself a newfound fan of the brand. So far they’re batting 1.000; I can’t wait to get back on the mound!

What’s your experience with Ministry of Supply? Let me know in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: I received no compensation, financial or other, in exchange for this review.


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