Blue Door

Blue Door

I spent some time last Friday morning taking photos on Lincoln Park’s Fremont Street and in no time I was in desperate need of coffee and food.

As a result, I nearly tripped over this new spot, Blue Door Farm Stand, a five-month-old “ farm-to-table cafe” that takes pride in its community and believes that “seasons should dictate what is on the table.” Its storefront painted a picture of a quaint and comfortable spot.

Blue Door Farm Stand Storefront

Inside, it is aesthetically pleasing and clean. There’s plenty of natural light to boast its soft, navy blues, and its deeper browns and grays. The ambience emulates a modern farm-style feel.

Blue Door Main Dining Room

Main Dining Room

I really like the dinnerware, particularly the coffee cup and saucer.

Blue Door - cup and saucer

You’ll appreciate the good service, because even in a slower morning hour I felt like the waitstaff was attentive. I’d worked in “hospitality” for years, and I know that the slower times of day are often the most challenging because this is when servers have a tendency to … lean.

The Food

My server gladly introduced me to the menu after I explained this was my first time in. She had me at Chef’s Omelette, which has broccoli, yellow squash, red pepper. I sprung for some hash browns, too.

Blue Door Omelette

Chef’s Omelette, Toast, Hash Browns

The eggs were cooked just right and weren’t runny or watery. The coffee was on point and if I had to guess it might be intelligentsia or metric (I didn’t ask). The toast was crispy outside and soft inside, from a bakery in the northern burbs although I didn’t catch the name of it.


Upstairs Bar


Upstairs Bar and Dining Area


Upstairs Dining Area

Blue Door - Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen

Blue Door - Wonderful Light

Wonderful, Natural Light

The Wrap-Up

In conclusion, make it a point to stop in if you’re looking for a quaint, quiet brunch and dinner spot with a Lincoln Park address and a staff that enjoys their job!



Kevin Joseph is a Chicago-based writer and photographer with a focus on lifestyle, urban design, and personal growth.