Lincoln Park’s Fremont Street in Photos

Another Friday, another day of PTO.

My morning plan was to grab breakfast at Blue Door in Lincoln Park and snap some photos of the neighborhood, but I hadn’t thought about which part of it, specifically.

Then I made it to Halsted Street, where I was met by construction: dump trucks, crews, and cranes. Did I bust out the camera? Not today. I spend hours of my weekdays commuting between the city and burbs and I see this type of thing on the regular.

What I did do was navigate through the neighborhood arteries in search of a place to ditch the wheels and get to my plan. First a left on Webster, then a left on Fremont. Then, wow. I continued south to Armitage, found parking, and doubled back.

This particular section of Fremont between Dickens and Webster has some serious character. Deep colors, weathered facades, and unlike many of the row houses here in Chicago, most are connected at the hip.

Fremont Street in Photos

Here are my favorite take-aways from today’s walk-through. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Fremont Street 1

Fremont Street 2

Fremont Street

Fremont Street 10

Fremont Street 4

Fremont Street 5

Fremont Street 6

Fremont Street 7

Fremont Street 9

Do you live in Chicago? What’s your favorite neighborhood?

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