Photo Gallery: The Art Institute of Chicago

Photo Gallery: The Art Institute of Chicago

New Friends

Acquainted through my girlfriend, Cody and I – both of us sharing an interest in the Arts and photography – had been trying to connect in a creative environment but were unsuccessful for some time. As our luck would have it though we were both free this past Sunday, and considering our tastes we decided to take in the Art Institute of Chicago.

In the event that you’re wondering, if you spend a few hours looking at art with an acquaintance you will undoubtedly leave as friends. We soaked up some culture and laid the foundation for a new friendship. I left the Art Institute feeling inspired, invigorated, and awake.

The Setting of the Exhibit is a Form of Art in Itself

There’s much to be said about observing art alongside total strangers doing the same, which is why you’ll see people in some of the photos below. The mutual respect for each other and the art almost transcends the art itself; in a way the collective setting becomes its own exhibit.

While each wing and gallery we visited moved us each in its own particular and special way, I enjoyed Color Studies, The New Contemporary, and Past Forward, most specifically the works of Burnham, Perriand, and Goff. If you’re an architecture addict, don’t skip this last one.

Art, Like Song, Should Be Revisited

It was only a few days ago that we visited but I plan to return within the next month. I want to check out the Arms and Armor exhibit and the American collection (both were missed this time around).

I hope you enjoy the photos!

The Photos

art institute 4

Paris Street; Rainy Day – Gustave Caillebotte

art institute 2

Eloise W. Martin Galleries

art institute 3

A woman and art

art institute 4art institute 5

art institute 6

Madame Arthur Fontaine in a Pink Shawl

art institute 7art institute 8art institute 9art institute 10

art institute 11

Jeanne d’Arc – Antonin Mercie

art institute 12

Boy – Charles Ray

art institute 2

Pritzker Garden

art institute 7img_8264img_8284img_8292


Boy – Charles Ray



Edlis | Neeson Collection



Portrait Bust of Marcus Aurelius



Andy Warhol

img_8263img_8282img_8277img_8298art institute 8img_8291


Boy – Charles Ray



Portrait Head of a Man – Marble


Boy – Charles Ray


Portrait Head of Emperor Hadrian

art institute 5img_8278


Edlis | Neeson Collection



“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas

I hope you enjoyed the gallery. Have you ever been to the Art Institute of Chicago? What are your favorite exhibits? Where is your favorite museum?

Let me know in the comments!





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