Fall Menswear Must: The Bomber Jacket

When I think of Spring (or Fall), I think of opening the coat closet, reaching for my bomber jacket, and taking the dog for a walk. Or heading to the grocery store on a Sunday morning. Or meeting friends for drinks and dinner on a Saturday night.

The Versatility of the Bomber Jacket

The point is: the bomber jacket is like a basketball team with a deep bench. It’s versatile and flexible – it’s tireless. Like the Mac Coat, raincoat, or trench, the bomber jacket is a “must-have” if you’re building your wardrobe basics.

Bomber Jacket 1

Bomber Jacket 2

How to Choose Yours

When it comes to getting one for yourself the list of brands, styles and price ranges to choose from is endless: Bonobos, H&M, Topman, Canada Goose, The North Face, Old Navy. Designer labels, thrift stores, etc. Some jackets have furry collars, or patches and zippers, and others have all of the above.

Bomber Jacket 4

You get the picture. The important thing is to choose a bomber that you like and also one that fits your style. Be sure – at least as you build your repertoire – to select a color that  gives you options like blue or black, or even a dark green (with black cuffs and collar).

You may be inspired to snag a louder color like yellow or pink, but trust me, unless you’re a real showman or looking to make a statement, it’s hard to get real mileage out of those bolder pieces.

At the End of the Day …

You can expect great quality from great brands, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend $600 to get a coat you’ll want to wear everyday.

For me, it comes down to “fit.” I have a short torso, long arms and long legs, and when I find a brand that caters to my shape I tend to stick with it. My bomber is from Zara, but Google “mens bomber jackets” to further satiate your inspiration. Their jackets fit me so well and they’re all reasonably priced. I believe I picked this particular bomber up last season for $50 or $60, and it’s held up nicely.

Bomber Jacket 3

If you’re looking for a lightweight coat that will dress up your sweats, compliment your jeans, and take the work out of putting an outfit together, grab yourself that bomber you’ve been thinking about and head for a coffee. Or, take a walk on the lakefront. Or …




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