Sip Coffee House – 1223 W. Grand

Sip Coffee House – 1223 W. Grand

I’d never heard of this place until a few years back. A friend did me a favor and met me before work to offer up some of his wisdom; he suggested “Sip on Grand.” It was out of the way for me as I lived on the north side at the time, but considering the circumstance I gladly obliged. And I’m glad I did as both the conversation and the coffee were great.

I tell no lie: one sip and I was hooked.

To be honest, all I’ve had is their house blend but it’s great. So great that I’ve turned my girlfriend and a few friends on to it, too. Oh, and the service and ambience are great (whether you’re inside or outside on the patio). I’ll even go out on a limb and say that I’m sure their espresso and other drinks are great. Additionally, they have pastries, parfait, oatmeal, and a variety of other foods, (fruit, etc.) in case you walk in with an appetite.

Some other reasons why I like it:

  • It’s “local.” I’m over Starbucks because frankly, their coffee tastes burnt.
  • There is not one, but two – count ’em – two patios and yes, they’re both great.
  • You’ll win yourself a free cup of coffee if your name is up on the board that day (see the pic below) so you may even walk out a winner!
  • Street parking is easy, never too hard to find a spot
    • There’s a bus stop nearby if you’re a public transit junkie
  • The walls are dressed with framed old-school band posters (I saw one for Pavement!) and art from local artists
  • I believe they’ll give you free refills while you’re in-house

Sip Coffee House in Pictures


Damn, Daniel Wellington! On the Sip patio.


Front counter; on the dry-erase board are the names for those who’ll get a free coffee on that day. Feeling lucky?


Back room – art from local artists displayed on the wall


Choose your weapon (I love the guy on the wall)


Catching up on the latest with something to sip on.


“Front” patio. It’s actually in the middle of the shop; a larger patio is out back.


Getting their fix!


Greenery. And some color.

My company’s hotel office is around the corner, so I make it a point to get up and out of the house an hour early on days I work out of it to write, relax, etc., before I head in.

  • Address: 1223 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60642
  • Hours: 7am — 7pm except on Sundays, 8am — 6pm

NOTE: they don’t take credit cards unless the bill is over $5, which means you may need cash or an appetite.

Get to Sip and have yourself a … lot of sips!





Kevin Joseph is a Chicago-based writer and photographer with a focus on lifestyle, urban design, and personal growth.