Quality Face Time with Your Employees

Quality Face Time with Your Employees
While most companies require that leadership facilitate one review annually with their associates, I’ve found in my experiences that it’s best to go above and beyond and facilitate six-month, quarterly and weekly one-on-one’s with each of my team members.
While my team and I may pass on a formal face-to-face from time to time, a scheduled meeting on the calendar gives us recurring opportunities to celebrate wins, bring issues to the table, and talk about project statuses.

Benefits of quality face time with your employees:

One-on-one time promotes accountability and lets employees know they have a forum. When employees know that they are on the clock once a week, they are less likely to stray from targets. Additionally, scheduled, consistent face-time let’s them know that your door is always open.

Employees want direction. Meeting every quarter is a great way to visit short and long-term goals and call audibles if necessary. Direction can change over four, six, 12 months.

Employees need to know when they do a good job. People want recognition, and quite frankly, they want to know that they’re doing what you’ve asked them to do. Let them know when they go above and beyond and do a great job, privately. If they approve of it, let the team know, too.

Employees want to know what they’re accountable for. Employees want to know what’s expected of them each day. Be fair and clear – it will allow them (and you) to leave the office feeling accomplished and worry free.

Meeting quarterly will keep YOU accountable. It’s not always about the employee – it’s also about you. While it isn’t your responsibility to promote your associates, it is your responsibility to provide associates with opportunities to be promoted. Scheduled time will keep you on top of team and individual progress.

If you don’t already do so, try to meet with your team members on an individual basis more frequently. While it does take more work, it will pay off in dividends.