The Best Way to Live: Present and Presentable

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Present: (of a person) in a particular place; in attendance, here, nearby, available

Presentable: nicely dressed, tidily dressed, smartly dressed

The time to be our best selves is now: present and presentable.

  • 90% of life is showing up
  • First impressions count
  • 100% of the time you should anticipate making unanticipated first impressions

Consider This

You drive to the grocery to grab a gallon of milk. If you’re responsible you buckle your seat belt even if the drive is around the corner and back because, “you never know.” That said, you’re equally responsible for putting yourself together before you get in that car, because how you look determines your mood, and your mood determines how you carry yourself, and how you carry yourself determines how you’ll be treated and received by others.

Making an Effort Counts

Unless you’re ill or incapable it’s in your best interest to make an effort to be presentable. It’s a sign of respect to those you’ll be in the presence of and most importantly, yourself.

This isn’t said in vain – it’s a fact. Think about your last interaction with a stranger, whether it was on the street or in an elevator or in an exercise class, for example. Whether you were consciously aware of it or otherwise you developed an opinion of that person the moment you saw them and vise versa. Communication is largely non-verbal, and how we carry ourselves speaks loudly and clearly of our intentions and character. Take advantage of your presence!

Present and Presentable: A Frame of Mind

On the other hand, while being present does mean being “here and nearby” as the definition states, it’s also a frame-of-mind and subsequently means much more than simply existing or being in a room or in the office.

Whether in public or in private, being present is being able to assess your surroundings. Focus on understanding the goals and interests of those you will or have the potential to interact with. Be considerate of others and your ability to get and remain in a positive mindset.Master the art of humility. I’ll use sketch comedians as an example. Do you know what the number one rule of sketch comedy is? It’s to make everyone on the team look funnier than yourself.

How well do you think the individuals on-stage would perform if they spent all of their time and focus on themselves? By making themselves as individuals appear inferior, the team as a whole becomes superior.

Perception is Reality

Here’s another example as I assume you’ve seen someone at some point try to steal a spotlight that wasn’t theirs. How did that shape your perception of him or her? I’ll bet that you felt turned off, even if at first you felt positively toward that person.

Putting yourself first isn’t how a team works – and part of being your best self and present works the same way. Give yourself goals and be persistent until you achieve them. Practice humility. Put others first and carry yourself in a positive light while you do so.

Present and Presentable: It’s a Lifestyle

If you’re interested in maximizing your opportunities and chances to be healthy, happy, and successful, stick around. I invite your comments and I’d love to give my perspective on your topics of interest.

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