Lululemon Style | The Neck Warmer

Lululemon Style | The Neck Warmer

Last winter I had the pleasure of participating in Run | ORD, a weekend-long retreat sponsored by Lululemon. For four days 20 or so of us runners and fitness enthusiasts were treated to … a lot.

The Treat

Lulu put us up at the Robey Chicago and from the get-go it was clear that no luxury or necessity went unconsidered or spared. We were treated to food, drink, yoga at Zen Yoga Garage, trail running at Starved Rock State Park, and fulfilling relationships with likeminded people. We also got to participate in a handful of meditation sessions and a track workout led by a local expert.

The Gear

All of us received what many would consider the best goodie-bag ever: a running backpack, hat, gloves, a number of technical pants and tops, shorts and shirts, a jacket.

Lululemon Style and the Neck Warmer

An interesting product we men were treated to was their neck warmer.

In all honesty, had I not been gifted this man-scarf I doubt I would’ve given it a shot; when I’d seen it in the store it looked more like a product for women. I’m glad it was doled out though, because it’s become one of my favorite cool-weather accessories. It looks slick, wicks sweat, reflects light during night activity, and to this day remains durable after multiple washes.

Photo Credit: Courtney Clinkert

I look forward to cool temps so I can toss this thing on over a long-sleeved shirt and run on the lakefront (or run errands!). It’s not inexpensive, but for $32 it’s well worth it.

One suggestion I’ll make is to avoid wearing it as a mask when you run. I tried to do so once as I’d left my actual running mask at home and breathing became a chore; it isn’t perforated like other masks. I mean, it is a neck warmer.

In Conclusion

If you’re serious about fitness and you’ve never run or exercised in, or worn any Lulu gear, you might give the brand a shot. And, if you’re like me and also a cold-weather athlete, put your inhibitions aside and try their neck warmer when the temps drop. Chances are you’ll like it!